Cardiff Castle - Castell Caerdydd

Looking for something to do on your day off? Head over to the link in our bio to watch our first Cardiff Blog TV vlog of Cardiff Castle! Maybe you will then decide to go. Adult entry is £13, Senior and Student £11.30, children £9.25 and children under 5 go in for free! Don't delay the stunning views of the castle and the city center. --

Inside Cardiff Castle

Castle Castle is one of Wales leading heritage sites and attractions! Cardiff Castle is located directly in the city centre, and conceals almost 2000 years of History dating back to the roman and the Normandy times. After this you can see the de Clares, The Despensers, The Beauchamps, The Nevilles, The Tudors, The Herberts and The Windsors and lastly the butes have Lordship over the castle.

The Roman Fort

This Fort was probably established at the end of the 50s. There is still remains of the 1st of 4 forts left in Cardiff today!

The Norman Fort

The Norman fort was rebuilt from that was left from the Roman fort. It was built by Robert Fitzhamon who was the lord of Gloucester.


Edrych am rhywbeth i neud dros y penwythnos? Ewch i'r link yn ei'n bio i edrych ar ei'n fideo o'r Castell Caerdydd a falle hoffwch fynd yna yfori? Edrychwch ar yr ystafell Arab ty fewn y castell, mae'n hynod o syfrdanol.

Ty fewn Castell Caerdydd

Castell Caerdydd yw un o brif atyniadau treftadaeth Cymru ac mae ganddo arwyddocâd rhyngwladol. Wedi ei leoli yng nghalon y ddinas, efo 2,000 o flynyddoedd o hanes. Mae’r Castell yn mynd nol I amseroedd y rhufeiniaid a’r Normaniaid. Ar ol hyn allwch weld Y de Clares, Y Despensers, Y Beauchamps, y Nevilles, Y Tudors, yr Herberts ac y Windsors ac yn olaf y Butes efo arglwyddiaeth y castell.

Caer Rufeinig

Mae’n debygol yn y 50au fydd y Caer Rufeinig wedi cael y Sefydlu. Allwch weld ddarnau o’r Caer heddiw, un or 4 Caer sydd dal I weld yng Nghaerdydd heddiw.

Y Gorthwr Normanaidd

Mae’n debyg fod yr orthwr yma wedi cael eu adeiladu gan Robert Fitzhamon Arglwydd y Normanaidd.