Insole Court

Insole Court

The history of the Insole court is very similar to the rest of Cardiff’s decline in the Victorian and Edwardian times. Mainly dominated by Coal shippers, mine owners, Railwaymen and docks men during three generations of Welsh Coal Industry.

The court has had a few threats of its closure, one in 1988 which was successful and was closed until 1993 where it was re-opened by the people who love the history here, an aimed to use the building for the whole community.

Insole court then ran into trouble again in 2006 when it was closed due to Health and Safety Regulations. With the perusal of the Friends of the Insole court and additional campaigners, Insole Court was re-opened in 2008.

After two dcades of campaigning, in 2010 the friends of the insole court were invited to a community asset transder where the Council would renew the heritage as a community hub.

In 2016 the Insole Court gained funding from the national lottery and others to begin it’s new phase of life.

The House is now subject to many events, and you are able to hire our rooms for a variety of events such as weddings, parties, catering, even yoga classes!

The Insole court has an abundance of character, therefore you could visit to see the gorgeous building and its surrounding gardens, or head to the café on site, The potting shed for a spot of tea!

Insole Court Address: Fairwater Rd, Cardiff CF5 2LN

Please visit for more information on how to get involved.

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