From concrete to jesmonite

From concrete to jesmonite

Hello everyone! 

So as some of you may know (if you follow me on socials that is... if you don't make sure you check us out on instagram @pethauu) I have had to make the executive decision to stop using concrete as a raw material. 

I have absolutely loved using concrete as a raw material to experiment with. It has been a great enjoyment for me. However, I have many allergies as I am a chronic asthmatic, and low and behold... concrete is one of them. 

As all items are made by hand, by me at my home I was finding myself having allergic reactions on a daily basis, and realised it was the dust from the concrete causing this. also the spray painting of the items was making my asthma worse and made my chest feel like it was filled with stone... yep not great. 

So I decided to invest a little more into my business and use jesmonite as a raw material for my items instead of the ever so popular concrete. 

I was already using jesmonite for the terrazzo goods, so I was familiar with the material. However it is just a lot more expensive, and I have unfortunately had to pass on the price increase to you, my customers in order to make the business profitable again.

always a silver lining as they say, jesmonite is actually a much nicer raw material which is way kinder to the environment. So much so I can now class my products as "eco-friendly" due to their water based consistencies. 

Jesmonite is a lot stronger, which means I can reduce the packaging I have been using by half. Which is great news. It also means packaging time has reduced and I can get your orders out a lot quicker than before. 

Jesmonite has a very similar resemblance to concrete so there isn't much different in appearance, and if I do say so myself, jesmonite is far softer and more luxurious compared.


I hope you all understand my decision. 


If you have any more questions, please email me at 


Thanks again, 



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