Ripple Pot Concrete Style - Black
Ripple Pot Concrete Style - Black

Ripple Pot Concrete Style - Black

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Decorate your home with this beautiful hand made ripple pot. 

➡ Use to showcase your plants🌿

➡ Send as a gift 🎁

➡ Use to store stationery and other household items 


Outside: 10cm x 13cm
Weight: TBC 

Material: Jesmonite, Jesmonite Pigment, Sealer


Stronger: Strong, flexible, and more durable, with an increased impact resistance. 
Safer: Solvent free with no VOC’s. 
Greener: Water-based making it kinder to the environment & eco friendly.


Pethau's products have been hand crafted in Wales.  

Each item is individually hand cast which means each item is different and individual to you. Due to the nature of the material, airbubbles may be present and each item may differ slightly. This ads to it's beauty, character and true nature 😍

Dishwasher: Not recommended 

Hand made in Wales

Item can be personalised with colour. Please email with any special requests.

Item will be shipped 2nd class with Royal Mail

Although we will endeavour to keep as many items in stock, lead times may vary depending on workload. We will aim to ship within 2-3 days.